Constructing my remix project felt like the culmination of the entire semester. We were using what we had learned in a natural history class and expressing it in an artistic way. It was the combination of several different disciplines to create something beautiful. I knew immediately what kind of project I wanted to do when the deadline was approaching. Our study on fossils and rock layers and how they influenced the modern theory of evolution interested me greatly, watching Kenneth Lacovara’s ted talk spurred me on even further. The only problem then was finding a medium to work with. I would not consider myself a gifted artist in the traditional sense of paint and brush, but I felt like I could produce something not half bad through poetry. Then I talked to Alyse. We had worked on a few projects together in the class, but I was not sure how we could both work on one poetry piece. Then we had the idea of using baking as a complement to my poetry piece. The combination of both mediums was sure to give us a strong presentation. We talked it over together, and then each went off to work on it separately, and see what would happen when we brought it all together.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Photo Credit: Public Domain

The day of the presentation, I was a little apprehensive. What if we had completely different visions of how this would go? What if our two works clashed? I had all of these doubts until I saw Alyse’s project, and it was perfect. She had done individual cupcakes for each period and era in Earth’s history, and on top of the cupcakes was a chocolate mold of an iconic figure from that era. There was a T-Rex skull for the Jurassic period, Mammoths for the Pleistocene, and a human for the Holocene. The only word to describe what she had made is gorgeous. Hand in hand with my poem, we had a solid project that truly expressed what I wanted it to. One of the main themes that I have really picked up on this semester, is that nature is beautiful. Everywhere we look we see how wonderful and magical nature is. I feel like our project helped to communicate that. The cupcakes were wonderfully decorated and delicious to eat, and helped to creatively demonstrate the Earth’s beauty. We have learned so much this semester, and this class has really helped open my eyes to things I had so long taken for granted. When we presented, her cupcakes and my poem worked so well together to show where we have come from, and how it has shaped the world today.

We’re here to tell a story today

A story of how the world was made


Our tale starts in the Archean era

Where the world was bleak and full of fire

And from that heat so long ago

Came the world that now we know