Photo from Wiki Commons

Photo from Wiki Commons

Climate change is irrefutably, unless you are Donald Trump, one of the largest issues facing our society. Climate change is our doing, and it is impacting all life on Earth. My partner, Hanna, and I decided it was important to emphasize the effects of climate change with our remix project. We knew we wanted to do art, as well as a poem, but we did not know how we wanted to display it. Originally I assumed I would just do a couple drawings or paintings, however, Hanna found a brilliant hourglass concept on Pinterest and we decided to work with that.  The concept can be found here.



Our first step was finding pieces that we would use to create the hourglass. We headed to Michaels and milled around while discussing different concepts. I insisted that we used mason jars for the body, and then we found wood shaped for the structure of the hourglass. We also picked up paint, superglue, sand, rocks, and some artic figurines.


Once we had all of our supplies, I began painting the hourglass. I thought it would be interesting to paint a frost effect on the inside of one of the mason jars to give it an artic effect. Little did I know that the paint would drastically change once it dried. Let’s just say we needed a new mason jar. I was also not a fan of waiting for the super glue to dry, so initially I rushed the progress. Thankfully for me, I had Hanna who was able to put me in my place and ensure that I was doing it properly.


Finally, it started coming together. We successfully glued the hourglass together and had everything painted. Unfortunately, we ended up with a few issues. To begin with, the hourglass did not actually work as we hoped it would. Secondly, some of the sand would leak if we tipped the hourglass the wrong way. In the end we were happy with it though, and definitely know what we would do differently if we were ever to recreate it. Our hourglass was accompanied by a beautifully written poem by Hanna that discussed the effects of climate change.



IASK 107 taught us the importance of natural history, and the effects it has on us today. Climate change is going to be natural history, and we are going to be responsible for it. Although we do not know just how severe it may be, we do know that it is already having severe consequences on our world. We need to do everything we can in order to minimize the effects of climate change, and that starts with every one of us.


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