For my remix project, I wanted to show the natural world around us (Prince George) through something I am very passionate about. I considered writing poems for my remix project but personally I felt that if I was going convey the natural world, I must do something visual and pseudo-alive. That is when the idea of making a dress came to mind. Fashion has always been something I have connected to in my life, seeing works from Alexander Mcqueen and Donatella Versace in my teens let me gain creative knowledge about life and expression.
My goal was to take a simple dress that most people wouldn’t look twice at, apply nature that most people wouldn’t look twice at, and create something you need to look at twice at. I wanted to really speak loud on my creative expression with this piece. It is very Rory; a complex, unorganized, hectic piece that always has a big idea.
I collected the pieces for my dress along the Forests For the World trail the day it snowed, I focused on taking debris from the forest floor to show that even in “death”, nature is still living and surviving, such as lichen that with a spray of water can bounce back to life.. The purpose for the debris I picked was to create a dress and then to serve as a firestarter when I engulf this project in flames (In reality though I will give this piece to Keith and Tracy so they can place it in their garden and find out what happens to the dress every autumn and spring)
Applying the pieces to my dress was a very big challenge for me, I took an entire day to fix the dress and get the basics on where I wanted them…little did I know that in the morning they would be half the size (because I picked them up when it was damp outside). It took me a couple more days to glue more nature onto the dress. It kept drying and by that time the snow had fallen and I felt like I should give up until I realized this is what nature is, unpredictable and always changing. So not only did I make you a dress of nature, I made you a dress that changes depending on the weather, the colours and shapes. Everything is so adaptable on this piece.
Finally as I know most of you are aware there are holes in which you can see parts of the original dress, this is planned for one simple reason. If I were to cover the entire dress there would be a story of Autumn turning into Winter, and as good of a story as it is I wanted to tell more. The original dress, due to its pattern like a willow tree, represents spring hiding deep within the fragments of Autumn and Winter.
All in all this project was an absolute journey for me and through its ups and downs I gained a new sense of creative expression not through another person but from something I created.