Is amazing to see how much information can change how we look at thing, giving us a new prospective. Every lecture that i had gave me a bit of information about some facts, learned a little bit where to look for fossils, etc. IASK was for me like a little tour through some events in history. IASK introduce me to naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian was born in 2 April 1647 and died in13 January 1717. I found Maria Sibylla Merian very empowering, full of determination and courage, financing her own expeditions with her drawing, selling more than 255 of her paintings ( reference). Wallace was another person who i found very inspiring and how your love for what you do, can give you the drive to collect up on hundreds of specimens, if Wallace had not done that job, society would miss out on some species that excited back then, but now they are extinct. You can not talk about Wallace and leave Darwin out of the picture. We have to thank Darwin on his theory of Natural Selection (reference).
Learning the importance of natural history and how there isn’t too much funding going towards to it is very sad, reflecting in how important natural history is, more when you are taking biology as major ( reference).
Overall I find very hard to simplify to what did I like the most, because everything had something uniquely to teach you. One lecture that captivated my attention a lot, was about learning how the stars are form, this process was mind blowing, learning the components that come together to give birth to the stars. Seen how much beauty there is in the stars and how long ago change took place, when dinosaurs where around (learned in class) and now is when we are able to experience those changes that happened millions of years ago. From my lecture about the stars i took that you have to be very patient, to take a beautiful and detail picture of the star, perhaps the pictures taken may influence the way you perceive science and art.
Speaking for myself, i found kind of fascinating that evolution didn’t happened in

some kind of order, or in a straight, when my beliefs were other wise, it was an eye opening moment.
Learning how much church narrowed and framed peoples mentality, and how great ideas that almost banished forever from time in history. Noticing that there is always has been

disruption in history, where people started questioning the age of the earth and how disrupting your paradigm can lead you to have a different approach to a costume way of doing things. Overall there is a lot to be learn from history.