Science provides an understanding of a universal experience, and the arts provides a comprehensive knowledge of a personal experience.

Mae Jemison

There are two parts in my remix project; I’d like to share some of my paintings at first and then share some photos I made by using my cell phone.


In my opinion, the reason why people love painting is that they want to keep some perfect memories in their life. Especially when they experience some moments which will never happen again in their life, and they do not want to maintain that view only in their brain and also share with some of their friends.

As for me, painting is a skill which my mother forces me to learn it when I was ten years old. However, once I put my heart into it, I start to enjoy it and try to draw a better picture. I enjoyed the period when I was drawing and the time which our teacher leads us to go to a forest, a lake and a park bring some native species. Painting not only gives me a chance to relieve the pressure but also gives me an opportunity to touch nature and understand the meaning of life through carefully observe one plant’s whole life. Also, I could create my unique painting style. (This remix project asks us to produce a work of art conveying aspects of the observable natural world, so I think those paintings could be some good resources for this project).


Besides, there is an old saying that the sky is paper and cloud is something people draw on it to make the sky more colorful and meaningful. People trade sky is the peaceful and mysterious place; a place gives human tons of imagining and stories. People could learn new pieces of knowledge and ideas from this location. It is a little bit embarrassing that the reason I start to pay attention to the sky and cloud is that I got a pretty bad grade in one of my exams and I just raise up my head then look at the sky and cloud to think about some good memories. To make me feel better and try to change my attitude since I have another test one hour later. After that time, raise up my head and look at the sky and cloud become one of my habits. Little by little, I start to understand the beauty of sky and cloud. Then I decide to take photos to record those views.


Things I want to convey besides the surface appearance are people changing the way to record things from painting to taking photos. Also, as people put more and more time, focus on the sky and cloud. They earn some knowledge about sky and cloud. Once they understand the most basic rules about it, they could predict something which does not happen yet. The scientific name of this way called the theory of Fengshui.

To be honest, I have been told some much information in recent weeks and more I get into my brain more I confuse about this world. Before this September I think I already have a stable world view, personal value, and personal ambition about this world. However, after this semester’s study, then I totally change my mind and my attitude towards this world. Then I start to spend some time to look at the sky and cloud. I want to let myself calm down, and I hope I could find a direction to lead myself. Therefore, I am not going to lose myself in the future. Luckily, I find it. Though look at the sky and cloud, I learned that beautiful views(things) are just around us, the only thing we need is a pair of bright eyes to find them. Also, we should calm down when we were facing challenges. We should have a positive attitude towards this society, and we should learn how to love this world. We should like a cloud which is freedom independent and peaceful. And the most important one is that we should try to find ourselves.

webwxgetmsgimg-7In conclusion, sometimes people rise they’re heard and look at the sky and cloud. They are going to realize that even though sometimes they understand the real meaning of some things, facts, and belief, they could not change anything. More facts they figure out, the more pain they are going to experience. So, what is the value of finding true of something? According to human history, every individual has lots of choices, though their life and everyone wants to become more famous than others. However, this is not easy to fulfill. Destiny and attempt are two words which influence people’s thinking, action and attitude. One group of people believed their lives already designed, so they cannot change anything. Another group of individuals thinks that they are going to create their world by using their hands. I stand with the second group of people, and I realize that there is a common point happens in this group of individuals. All of us love to look at the sky and cloud. Even though this action sounds like a little bit lonely, a little bit disappoints, but people are going to see their dreams and goals. They are going to spend the whole of their life to fight for it.



All of these photos were taken by Yuyang Zhan.