My artwork focuses on many different topics, or emotions, but the main focus of this project is to grasp the eyes of my peers to show the different time periods of earth forms. Also on how they effect our world today, and how they changed the type of thinking back in the 1800s. The different time periods were represented through baking, I find that baking does not just taste good, but it catches your eye in the way it is decorated and the flavour adds that extra boost of wow. Each cupcake that I created showed a visual representation of different time periods of earth forms. I find that visual art has a much  more impacting affect on the way people remember your artwork, and presentation. I focused on ten of the bigger earth forms, that I found to be more of an important stepping stone, in the gap of periods, also how fossils started smaller, then increased in size, but as they increased it was only during the middle period. After the middle period ended the size of the fossils decreased a little, but you could see the progress of the earth through the time period. The ten periods I chose to represent through my artwork found upon cupcakes were the Archean, Cambrian, Devonian, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Palaeocene, Pleistocene, and the Holocene. Through picking these ten, I was able to represent a visual picture of what these time periods looked like when they were dug upon. I found our presentation to be very knowledgable, in the sense we had a poem to explain the ten time periods in much more detail, while we used the cupcakes as a visual representation on what the poem was trying to address. I found the audience to be engaged and enthused in the sense of our poem represented knowledge and understanding of our specific topic, while the cupcakes gave a visual sense of what each period represented in the form of visual art. I tried to represent each cupcake as a different level under of the earth. I wanted to use dark chocolate cupcakes to help visualize the dirt and the way I iced the cupcakes to help get the texture of the dirt and the Oreo crumbs as a visual sense of what the ground could have possibly looked like. Overall I found this experience and presentation to be very rewarding in the sense I had the opportunity to bake, but also learn about different time periods that I did not know anything about before hand.

“Geological Time Periods”