screen-shot-from zooniverse
Science Gossip/Zooniverse is a website that gives you an opportunity to participate in this Citizen Science project by contributing to identifying drawings, pictures, etc from the Victorian era. One of the great things about this website is that you have people from all over the world taking part on this project. Once you have signed up onto Science Gossip website, you will receive some instructions of what to do with what the pictures that are presented to you. One of the pictures that I had to identify was of the fossil of a prehistoric bird called Gallinuloides wyomingensis (reference). The Geological Magazine of February 1900 gives you more details about the Gallinuloides wyomingensis’s bone structures. All the pictures, drawings, etc are fascinating, like looking back in time and sharing what people in the past saw.

Another picture that I had to identify was a picture of a microscope that was dated from year (1878-1968). When we look at the microscope in the picture and compared to the ones that we use today, you can’t help to notice how far we have come. The first microscope created was an optical microscope around the 1620’s (reference). In today’s age we count on several types of microscopes like the ultramicroscope, electron microscope and optical microscope. I can not explain enough how fascinating microscopes are. My IASK 107 class was the first time that I had the opportunity to use a microscope, for me was it mind boggling, there is so much to be seen under the lenses of a microscope. Technology is this great tool that give us a lot of advantages. Allowing people from different part of the world to come together on this project. Technologies help us to preserve knowledge, pictures etc and pass down to the up coming generations the discoveries that we have made and the ones that already exists that we are aware of. In our IASK class we had the opportunity to visit the archives department at UNBC and it is incredible to see all the work that has been done to preserve screen-shot-from Zooniverseall that knowledge and we are able to access information about towns that no longer exist. The reason I’m bring the archives into this blog is because by digitizing knowledge we can provide the same type of preservation for future generations as does the Science gossip site, giving others the  opportunity to see what has been here. The citizen science project become some how disruptive because you do not need to be part of the “elite” or be a scientific or someone with a good financial status to be part of this project, anyone who wishes to contribute to this project can do so.