While doing my citizen science project research, I came across a journal of horticulture, the name of this journal was Cottage Gardener and Country Gentlemen. In that journal, there was a specific article I red that was by Thomas Laxton. The article was explaining the work that Laxton was doing on peas through the course of experiments; while working with Darwin. Did you know that he lived at the same time as Darwin and he and Darwin ended up writing letters to each other on scientific subjects, but mainly focusing on new breeds of peas. Specifically he and Darwin discussed the topic on hybridization of peas. Through Laxton’s scientific methods and research on breeding plants together. Laxton began to make observations on parent plants, and recognized how plants have susceptibility to disease. Thomas Laxton is known for being a plant breeder, who was the first one to introduce many different and new varieties of strawberries. Later in life Laxton began to experiment on pea-breeding, which led to consulting with Charles Darwin and help led to Darwin’s writings. The ideas that this artifact presents is the possibility for the pea to have an excellent taste, how much it is able to produce, hardiness, beauty and the handling quality. The scientific information that Thomas Laxton was researching and observing was collected in 1892, the product that had some success was named Royal Sovereign. The reason Royal Sovereign did not have full success across the board was for its weaknesses around the susceptibility for mildew and for virus of diseases. Even though the Royal Sovereign had some weaknesses it was still being raised in many parts of Europe to the late 20th Century. Laxton began his experiments and collecting information on pea-breeding in Stamford of the year of 1865. The reason the collection of pea research is important, is because it allows the world to produce a more productive kind of plant through a method of plant breeding. It gives hope for Countries that struggles with food growth, to find a way to produce, and a stable kind of plant that people are able to live off of. In fact Thomas Laxton was close to a genetic discovery, to help with better plant breedings. The reason the project that I have taken apart in will help with knowledge today is , Thomas Laxton found something that no one at his time ever knew existed or could ever work. Not just that but it helps to give us knowledge to on what Laxton had learnt and how we could take the information he collected and now go deeper into learning ways to progress the research and plant breeding. The reason it is important to digitize past knowledge, so we are able to go back and see what people before us have learnt, discovered, and had done research on. It allows us to be one step further in having the opportunity to go deeper and to learn more about the research someone has already made.


Thomas Laxton

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