In 1926, David Attenborough was born in London, England. David was raised in Leicester alongside his two other brothers, who eventually also grew up to become very successful in their chosen paths. David was different however. As a child he would collect bird eggs and fossils which only deepened his interest in nature. He was awarded a scholarship to allow him to study the natural sciences at Cambridge University (One of the most famed Universities in England). After graduating and serving two years in Royal Navy, Attenborough started a training program at the BBC (British Broadcast Company). He completed this training in 1952 and started to work at the BBC, The company which propelled him on his path to success.

 Attenborough had been working at the BBC for roughly two years when he decided to create a show that wouldn’t take wildlife and put them in a television studio, but rather take him and put him into the middle of wildlife. Attenborough’s “Zoo Quest” became a household hit and soon with shows such as “Life on Earth” which gained a viewership of approximately 500 million, he would become a household name. For David however, it wasn’t the stardom he was passionate about, it was his need to study nature and show it to society.

 One of his biggest achievements can not be defined by a statement, but rather a question; has one not seen a Nature Documentary without hearing the passionate and captivating voice that belongs to Sir. David Attenborough? Without his contribution to society, most people would not know what a naturalist is or how they help improve our lives. He has worked hard with Population Matters, a organization which studies population growth and its impact on the world. Attenborough also works closely buying rainforest to preserve wildlife alongside the organization World Land Trust.

Personally, for Rory MacDonald, Sir. Attenborough was a big inspiration for what he wanted to do in life. Watching Attenborough’s documentaries as a child lead Rory to learn more about the natural world around him. Without Attenborough affecting his life, Rory would have never considered Zoology as a profession or would have not been so called “bitten by the travel bug”. Even now Rory would rather watch “Planet Earth” or “Wildlife Special” than an action movie. Rory believes that Sir. David Attenborough, even though having not discovered anything to the extent of Darwin or the naturalists of the past, he has influenced a new generation to appreciate and study the natural world around us.

In Dmitry’s perspective, Sir. David Attenborough was not known to him for being a naturalist or a Television Host of many famous nature documentaries, but after extensive research about the naturalist he has come to realize how extraordinary this man’s life truly is. Dmitry’s knowledge about this naturalist has greatly expanded his knowledge about nature and has influenced him to learn more about the world that Sir. Attenborough perceives. The intriguing life of Sir. David Attenborough has come to Dmitry’s attention while researching about him online and has substantially increased his awareness about how considerably this man has contributed to the world around him with his knowledge. Dmitry has gained an insight on the various achievements this man has acquired throughout his extensive life as a naturalist.

In conclusion Dmitry and Rory have both deduced that Sir. David Attenborough has sincerely guided the world into a new direction of perceiving nature by creating documentaries that present all that he has learned while observing wildlife first-hand. As a naturalist, Sir. David Attenborough has devoted his life to understanding wildlife because it has always been his passion ever since he was a young boy. This passion of his has guided him on a path of great success and influence to which he deserves very much through his superb work.