My love for nature started when I was very little. I grew up on a farm and I was always outside whether it was doing chores or having fun. My yard, the trees, the grass, flowers, plants, they were my safety net, they were my place more than my bedroom or house was to me. To me nature sends so many messages to the world that people can’t seem to figure out. Messages like, when a plant dies, forest burns down, flowers are picked, it keeps coming back. Wherever these things are that its home thats its area, and no matter what happens the flowers or trees, they will return and that new life will come. I spent countless hours laying in the grass fields looking at the thunderstorms or picking wild berries and flowers just because they were simply beautiful. Being a young curious child running around the yard looking at all the beauty around me, I never took the time to look past the yellow flower, or the green trees. But now I see a yellow flower, I take a photo and zoom in, look at the tiny bug sitting on the middle of the flower, and I think to myself, that flower must look like forever land for him. Theres so many tiny plants, twigs, anything really around us and we don’t stop to think that; that is a home, a city, it can be anything. This world goes so much deeper than cellphones and laptops, new gadgets, theres so much more to it than people in this generation can see.




The change in myself from being so young and curious to now taking a look at the little things and appreciating it, that change started when I was in grade 6, I spent one summer at Educo Adventure School, that’s the place that changed my life, I spent around 6 summers there and learned so many things. The one trip that really stood out to me was the trip that I went into the mountains and hiked for 7 days. Over those 7 days I had the privilege to peak over 9000 feet high with an amazing group. It wasn’t easy, it was really hard actually lots of tears and emotions, but when I reached the top of that peak, it was one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen in my life. I did a 24h solo in the mountains and that made me really look at what was around me because I was so bored, I look at all the pretty flowers and their vibrant colours, I swam in the tiny lake that I had set up my sleeping bag next too, I got to look at all these pebbles and tiny little fish swimming around. As the sun set over the mountains beautiful colours spread themselves across the sky making the mostĀ gorgeousĀ sunsets ever. I got to see the stars in a whole new venue closer up, clear sky, no lights around me, just sat there and watch the stars, and every once in a awhile a shooting star. In the mountains I had the chance to see all these beautiful things. I lived without running water, electricity, technology for a week and I really started to appreciate this beautiful world around us. I really lived in the moment while I was at Educo. I came home I was so much more thankful for the people and things around me, I was more grounded. The mountains made a huge impact on my life by teaching me who I am and to look beyond the phone in my hands and go out explore and let yourself go.